Maui Pet Portraits
by Brenda Kennerly
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Watch Your Pet Portrait As It's Painted!

Freddie and Brewster - Dog Pet Portrait

Aloha from Maui!

I thought you might like to see how I create my pet portraits. Not only will you or a loved one receive a custom portrait of your pets, you'll get to take an active part in the creative process and receive progress photos along the way. That way you can rest assured that you are getting the custom portrait you want, plus it's tons of fun to see the painting created from start to finish.

I can paint any kind of animal in any stage of its life. I have also had the honor of painting a number of memorial portraits. Any pet portrait will carry beautiful memories that last a lifetime.

STAGE 1:  You send me an adorable photo and I immediately fall in love with your pet. Here's a great example. May I introduce Freddie the Border Collie and Brewster the Dachshund...

STAGE 2:  We talk about any possible design changes. In this case, I combined two photos into one portrait. Then I make a sketch and send it to you for approval. If it looks good to you, I start painting. If  I need to make a few alterations, I do that then begin applying paint to paper. Here's the sketch which did include some design enhancements.

STAGE 3:  I always start painting the eyes and work until I have captured your pet's essence. Only then do I continue painting the rest of the portrait. From that point on I'm in sync with your animal, and I feel like its spirit guides my hand to the completion of the portrait. This is really fun! Here are the next two photos of the portrait in progress.

STAGE 4:  You and I are communicating all along the way as the animals are coming to life on the paper. You let me know what colors you prefer and what details you'd like in the background. Are your pets pictured in their favorite play area? Do they have cherished toys? I can include all of this in order to tell their wonderful story.


STAGE 5: Now for the background and the rest of Freddie and Brewster's bodies. Isn't it entertaining to watch the portrait take on more and more personality?
STAGE 6:  I finish the portrait and send you a final photo. Then I wrap it and ship it to you via FedEx or UPS. If you like, I can also have it matted and framed for you and ship it ready to hang on your wall. Many clients giving the portrait as a gift prefer this extra service.
Each portrait takes about a week or so to complete, but I do have a waiting list - that just keeps growing - so the sooner you give me the green light the better. I can't wait to meet your precious companions.
purr purr! woof woof!
Brenda Kennerly
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Pricing Information for Pet Portraits

I love painting YOUR pets!

I want you to have a treasured lifetime memory of your beloved pets the way you want to remember them. So I work very diligently and very happily to create that for you. Every portrait is entirely custom. You decide on every detail, the background (from another photo or your own fantasy), the number of pets/people in the portrait, adding items (toys, tags). We collaborate to create YOUR portrait.

These watercolor portraits start at $595 for a single animal (but don't worry, I don't automatically multiply the price per animal). The final price is determined by the following factors and your personal preferences:

 1. Size of the painting - smallest is 8 X 10, largest depends upon your needs

 2. Number of animals - I can always group together several animals from separate photos

 3. Amount of animal in the portrait - head or full body or something in between

 4. Background - simple color to complex details, objects or scenes

 5. Breed of animal (I paint all kinds of animals from dogs to marine iguanas!)

 6. Name added - I can add the pet's name on a tag or paint it in somewhere in the portrait

 7. Clarity and size of photos - how easy or challenging is it for me to see your pet clearly?


Feel free to email a photo of your pet to me along with some design ideas. I'll be happy to consult with you and give you a firm quote and size options for your portrait. You'll be under no obligation at all if you choose to send me a photo, and I hope we can at least discuss the possibilities for what you desire. With my custom work, we stay in close communication so there are never any surprises. Any other questions? Just ask!

Mahalo nui loa (thank you very much)!
Brenda Kennerly

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